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  1. Hi Charles,
    I’m Geo Turner, with the Geezer racing team out of Hickory Corners, Michigan.We’ve done quite a bit of aero work on our B/BFALT Firebird. We currently have the record at Maxton at 197.1 and hope to push it over 200 in a couple weeks. If we’re successful, then the need for a Hans device is on us. I plan to spend the $25.00 and take a shot at the A/BFALT record at 201 if possible. My question is this: you’ve spent the money to purchase a hans, right? I’m hoping that if you have, you’ll consider renting it to us? I’m really not anxious to spend the required $500-$700 to purchase our own for 1 run. I’m sure that we’ll need to get one before Loring in July, but I hope to poke around some of the Nascar sites and see if there are any for sale.

    Thanks for your input on the Landracing site – I’m learning as I go.

    Best Regards,

    Geo Turner

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